About the River of Life

Welcome to the River of Life blog. It exists by the grace of God working through me, a mere vessel-a conduit, to speak His truth to the world. A world ensnared by the grip of lies, chaos, and dark and distorted doctrine…all at the hand of an enemy who wants nothing less than to steal, kill, and destroy all that God loves. That’s who I was, where I was, not long ago. Dark. Desperate. Depraved. Destined to the death I deserved – God’s wrath, which is coming. Then I met Jesus…

The River of Life blog title is inspired by the song Spring Up, O Well, which speaks about a God who opens the eyes of the blind and sets captives free. A God that our lost and dying world is looking for, but perhaps – like me back then – in all the wrong places. I’d like to introduce you to my God – Jesus, who opens prison doors, heals broken hearts and restores prodigal runaways back to Himself. Do you hear Him calling you? He is drawing all men to Himself…absent of condemnation and liberal in celebration! As you discover the truth about the God of the Bible, the Most High God, the God who truly saves, your life will begin to change. You will discover His River of Life – His abundant life for you. A life of miracles, healing, restoration, deliverance, and breakthrough.

This blog seeks to promote the truth that Jesus came to bring life to those who desire to know Him and enter into true relationship with Him. It purposes to deliver the truth in an apologetic manner with brazen voice backed by God’s word and personal accounts. If you are thirsty for the truth – that is, what the God of the Bible declares to be truth- if you long to know the One who gives life to the full, come to the river and drink. Jesus promises to all who drink from the water that He gives, will never be thirsty again (John 4:14).


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